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Paintings for sale

Oil and watercolour paintings for sale by artist Ben Mowll

If you like a painting and would like to buy it, please use the contact form quoting the painting’s name and reference number. All paintings are sold unframed and I would be pleased to help with suggestions for framing ideas. Feel free to contact me to discuss this.


St Marks Square, High Water

Reference: BM/14522

Oil, 50x70cm (unframed).



Dusk, Faversham Creek

Reference: BM/14253

Oil, 45x45cm (unframed)



Towards the Lieutenance, Honfleur

Reference: BM/14263

Oil, 40x50cm (unframed)



Faversham Creek

Reference: BM/14264

Oil, 26x60cm, unframed



San Zanipolo, Venice

Reference: BM/14257

Oil, 44x60cm (unframed)



Trafalgar Square, London

Reference: BM/14265

Oil, 50x60cm (unframed)



Reflections, Udaipur

Reference: BM/14266

Oil, 50x60cm (unframed)



Snow and sunlight, Canterbury

Reference: BM/14267

Oil, 50x60cm (unframed)


Albert Bridge evening London.jpg

Albert Bridge, evening, London.

Reference: BM/0519/1

Oil, 20x24’’ (Unframed)


Camber the turn of the tide.jpg

Camber, the turn of the tide

Reference: BM/0519/2

Oil, 20x24" (Unframed)


Horseguards Road.jpg

Horseguards Road, St James's Park

Reference: BM/0519/3

20x24" (Unframed)


Houses of Parliament.jpg

Houses of Parliament, sunset

Reference: BM/0519/4

20x24" (Unframed)


Pall Mall.jpg

Pall Mall, London

Reference: BM/0519/5

20x24" (Unframed)


A bend in the river.jpg

A bend in the river

Reference: BM/0519/6

10x12" (Unframed)



Deckchairs, Green Park, London

Reference: BM/0519/7

10x12" (Unframed)



Rain, Piccadilly, London

Reference: BM/0519/8

10x12" (Unframed)


Summer in the City.jpg

Summer in the City, Towards St. Stephen's Walbrook

Reference: BM/0519/9

16x20" (Unframed)


The City from Waterloo Bridge.jpg

The City, from Waterloo Bridge

Reference: BM/0519/10

16x20" (Unframed)


Rain and reflections.jpg

Rain and reflections, Trafalgar Square, London

Reference: BM/0519/11

10x12" (Unframed)


Into the sun Venice.jpg

Into the sun, Venice

Reference: BM/0519/12

10x20" (Unframed)


Summer the Mall.jpg

Summer, the Mall, London

Reference: BM/0519/13

8x10" (Unframed)